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Diamond Island Apartments



  - Located in Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Ho Chi prime location adjacent to the river on three sides, Diamond Island enjoy a special preference for poetic natural scenery and lower complete story from all four directions, surrounded by three river such as the Saigon River, Giong Ong To River and tributaries

- Located in the west of the Thu Thiem - the new administrative center of the city in the east, Diamond Island is both a key intersection between the developed areas of the city's focus, and facility owners planning new infrastructure and convenient transportation.

- Kidney convenient location, easy access to the development of new urban centers and cities with major arteries such as East-West Highway, Phu My Bridge and the new boulevard

- In the near future, Diamond Island will become the focus of a new urban center with convenient infrastructure and excellent ecological environment



Project Information


 - Project Title: Diamond Island
- Type of project: high-end apartments and luxury hotels of international standard.
- Address: Binh Trung Dong ward, District 2, HCMC
- Area: 8ha
- Building area: 10.000 Sqm (14%)
- The remaining area: the green vegetation and the island
- Completion of construction: March 2011
- Completion of the project in 2012
- Capital: 350 million
- Client: JSC Binh Thien An Real Estate
- Main contractor: Coteccons (Vietnam)
- Design Architect: Arata Isozaki & Associates (Japan)
- Turner International (USA) - Project Management
- Paysage Et Lumiere (France) - Landscape Design
- Maunsell | Aecom (USA) - Structural Design

    * Total: 1100 apartments, including 20 types from 76 to 615 Sqm last one to four bedrooms.
    * The area of trees on the hill over 70.000 Sqm
    * Green river: 25.000 Sqm
    * Street runs along the river: 1.3 km
    * The pool of total area: 2000 Sqm




 - The area of trees on the hill over 70.000 Sqm, including green along the Saigon River near the 25.000 Sqm 16.000 Sqm central park, jogging path 1.3 km long river, and playgrounds for children.

- Lake ecology, lotus ponds and Water-lily canals with a total area of 15.000 Sqm 
- The swimming pool with a total surface area of over 2.000 Sqm

- Club marina and other facilities associated

- Nursery, riverside library, movie theater, gym club, luxury spa

- Restaurants, cafes along the river, the hills, VIP club, bar

- Convenience stores, shopping areas serving specific characteristics of island residents

- Lounge for drivers, shelter for maids, food processing room

- System 100% power backup, gas central

- Support Services Reception, 24/24








Pool area



Drawing Room







Floor Apartment

- The apartments are designed with at least two items and most are 3 face contact with the natural landscape in order to bring comfort to the owner and also saves power consumption max.

- Hotel and restaurant located in the center, where you can launch sweeping views over the river and immersed in beautiful natural surroundings, creating a relaxing and cohesion among members of the family .

- The private room is small oases of each family member where they can enjoy moments of privacy to relax after a busy work day.

Apartment 82.38 Sqm (1 bedroom)



Apartment 96.02 Sqm (1 bedroom)



Apartment 107.82 Sqm (2 bedroom)



Apartment 124.03 Sqm (2 bedroom)



Apartment 132.30 Sqm (3 bedroom)



Apartment 180.04 Sqm (3 bedroom)



Apartment 195.65 Sqm (3 bedroom)


            Ground Floor 107.82 Sqm



             Floor 87.83Sqm



Apartment 211.49 Sqm (3 bedroom)



Apartment 217.29 Sqm (3 bedroom)



Apartment 214.67 Sqm (4 bedroom)



Apartment 249.70 Sqm (4 bedroom)



Apartment 228.83 Sqm (4 bedroom)


             Ground Floor 124.08 Sqm



             Floor 104.75Sqm



Apartment 552.16 Sqm (5 bedroom)


             Ground floor 207.55 Sqm



Floor 207.04 Sqm



Interior design

- Contemporary Style "minimize" the design is applied to Diamond Island project because of the potential application of the high brings a fresh feeling to reach the house, and clearly reflect the personality of the owner in each decorative.
- It is not too difficult for employers to create a unique individual style for your house. You will be hand selected for their colors, building materials from the best luxury brands from Europe and is consulted by a team of project architects.
- On the Diamond Island, you will enjoy an ideal lifestyle and experience the emotions from the difference in selectivity.


Photos interior illustrations

Living Room Apartment D4



Swimming pool Apartment D4



Bedroom apartments D4



Living Room Apartment B4



Bedroom apartments B4



Living Room Apartment A3


Living Room Apartment B2






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