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Hoang Anh Gold House Apartment



Scope of project

- Land area: 39,574 Sqm
- Building floor area: 198,145 Sqm
- Business floor area: 160,408 Sqm



Located in the populations of monumental buildings such as Phu Hoang Anh, New Saigon, Dragon City ... front of Nguyen Huu Tho, Hoang Anh Gold House position to own a prime location:

Adjacent urban area Phu My Hung.
The center of District 1 about 15 minutes by motorbike.
Adjacent to the University Village project, RMIT University
Located near the FV hospital, Tam Duc Cardiology Hospital with entertainment most luxurious in Vietnam.






As part of the area with modern infrastructure and projects to give customers theutility nature such as relaxation: Beauty salon, Spa, Restaurant, Coffee Shop,Business Center. .. together with modern sports such as Tennis, Pool, Gym ... specialprojects adjacent to the golf course promises to provide our customers an amusement park class entertainment.

Apartment management professional 24 / 7, fast service, giving you peace of mindabout quality of life in Hoang Anh Gold House

In addition, preferential payment regime with the support of the well-known bankingbrand and reputation, Hoang Anh Gold House is actually the first choice of everyone.





Modern design and luxury

Apartments are designed in traditional style of the brand Hoang Anh Gia Lai, theharmonious combination between natural wood and granite along with youthful bright colors create a modern space and luxury.





Living room is actually a space ideal for meeting, meeting friends and relatives,present a fully dynamic personality, modern with great enthusiasm, hospitality of the owner.





With a combination bedroom and office, apartment really gives you a comfortablespace to relax after hours and work stress

Along with equipment and modern furniture, bedroom will help you get a good sleep,create new energy for the next working day





Besides the bright colors, flat also equipped modern kitchen system according toEuropean standards, all to bring your family tasty meals and laughter. A familyreunion space cozy and full of fun

Master plan





Typical Floor






Apartment type 124,2 Sqm




Apartment type 121,4 Sqm




Apartment type 119,7 Sqm




Apartment type 110,6 Sqm





Apartment type 101,2 Sqm




Apartment type 96,3 Sqm




Apartment type 94,3 Sqm





Price and Payment 

- Price: from 14.5 million Sqm

- Payment 

Deposit: 100 million VND / apartments. 

Stage 1: 20% signing the contract, time after 15 days from the date of deposit (including money deposit receipt). 

Stage 2: 12% after 02 months from the stage 01

Stage 3: 10% after 02 months from the stage 02

Stage 4: 10% after 02 months from the stage 03

Stage 5: 10% after 02 months from the stage 04

Stage 6: 10% after 02 months from the stage 05  (taking over the apartment) 

Stage 7: 10% after 02 months from the stage 06

Stage 8: 10% after 02 months from the stage 07

Stage 9: 5% after 02 months from the stage 08

Stage 10: 3% when it announced handing over the certificate of ownership flats. 

Especially when the customer pays is 30%,  70% are company investor commitment to support lending to customers without having to prove income. 

Proland Real Estate Company is the official distributor of the project. 

You need, please contact 

The company Proland167 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, Ward 10, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City 
Phone: 08-62611177-88-99 Fax: 08-62611155 
Email: truong.nguyen @ 


Mr Truong: 0909.77.7979 

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