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The trend of the real estate market: Developing green projects

Therefore, to pull back the green living space, fresh for residents, many policies developed green project was born - become the trend in the real estate market. Recorded at the HCM City market shows some big investors such as Vingroup, Phu My Hung ... gave large percentage area of green space in the project.


To encourage the development of green projects


Currently, in addition to Vinhomes Golden River, Vinhomes Central Park, Phu My Hung, the number of green urban projects in HCM City is still modest. However, green urban development being the "big" investors determine the trend of development.


Mr. Nguyen Cong Thinh - Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment (MOC) said in Vietnam, the perception of investors and consumers of sustainable development through the development of green buildings has there is little more improvement.


Specifically, according to the analysis: "The market has seen the fact that green urban projects is effective for many owners. Investors will be faster sales, higher prices 4-8%. Customers reduce utility costs by 15-20%. "


Also, in a recent global study by Nielsen on social responsibility of enterprises, 64% of study participants (from the Asia-Pacific), said willing to pay more to used sustainable features, green buildings (50% higher than in 2012).


According to Mr Thinh, the Ministry of Construction is being studied, developed and promulgated specific incentives (tax, fees ...) for the use of green building and energy efficiency savings, works certified as green buildings. At the same time, the ministry will develop and implement regulations assessment, certification, labeling, certification for materials, equipment, energy-saving projects, green building.


In addition, the ministry also encouraged to strengthen communication activities, raise awareness among stakeholders on the use of energy-saving, efficient, green building development, implementation of eco-friendly lifestyle the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Homebuyers are changing


According to market observers, the current real estate, home buyers increasingly rigorous in the selection of living space. "If the previous day, people go to buy a place just wanted to get settled, but now they have to pay close attention to the quality of accommodation. Specifically, customers are targeting projects with multiple internal facility, there is a large green area. "- Le Hoang Chau, chairman of HCM City Real Estate Association (Horea) evaluation.


So not only is the state policy change to encourage the development of strong green projects, the potential investors are investing significantly to green space which itself is also home buyers change the selection criteria accommodation.


For more than two weeks now, he and his wife Tran The Hung (live in District 7, HCMC) the fact to find out information on some projects in the city. Earlier, he and his wife Hung has studied for months on the Internet and through brokers to buy apartments. Viewing a project based at the Golden River Vinhomes, he Hung share market that now appears a lot of high-end products but do not have any project focused green elements.


"Particularly this project I watch quite carefully Vingroup and quite surprised at the yellow area in the center but this investor decided to build the project according to the model of urban ecology. Specifically, a total area of 25.3 hectares of the entire project, but they spent 17.5 ha for greenery. In absolute terms, the density of trees per person at Golden River Vinhomes around 17,5sqm / person, more than 17 times the density of trees per capita in Vietnam today (about 1sqm / person), "- Mr Hung said.


Surveys in several real estate projects, buyers carefully ask about internal facility, especially the building density and green area. It can be seen, homebuyers are gradually changing selection of living space and green projects is the trend of the market. - According to Young Intellectuals

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